But still sometimes, when the wind is warm or the crickets sing, I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for.

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No sympathy for rapists, no sympathy for abusers, no sympathy for those who side with them. No excuses for their behavior, no justifications, no exceptions.


I hate reposting with a passion, but I wanted this to show up in the tags, so the x is the credit. 

I’m just saying this right now. IF Robin CHOOSES Regina knowing all that she’s done, then he is not the Robin of legends. The Robin of legends would never choose the villain over the downtrodden. He is no longer the honorable and heroic thief, he is now another of Regina’s  black knights and Marian and Roland deserve so much better. 

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So yesterday I was watching Titanic and realized something-Jack and Rose knew each other for 5 days…

5 days and someone wants to tell me that outlaw queen was rushed?


No fucking way!!!!!!!!!!!

When you meet you soulmate nothing is rushed!!!!!


And like we all know Regina and Robin are soulmates so….


So why wasting your precious time when you can make out with your HOT soulmate and make some OQ fangirls very happy? right?



Jack and Rose were rushed, but they were also young and hadn’t other responsibilities as well as the fact that they got caught up in the excitement of the moment and one died. There has been nothing to suggest they would have stayed together should Jack have lived, bursting a romantic bubble here, but Rose was in love with a memory of a boy she only knew for a short while. That’s not deep or true love.

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"Marian and Emma helping each other in their struggle to accept Regina despite everything she’s done to them" CRYING ABOUT IT, TBH.

Right? RIGHT???? Cuz it’s been established that OQ is true love, fated by a lion tattoo and fairy dust, so the inevitability of Robin and Regina ending up together is past the point of arguing about. Marian’s going to have to deal with Regina in her life because she’s not going to keep Roland away from Robin (despite how he callously put Roland in danger on multiple occasions), and Marian already proved that she was willing to trust in Regina’s “changed” character when she agreed to talk to Regina at the diner - especially given that Emma trusts Henry with Regina, and Marian trusts Emma - so, Marian would most likely allow Roland to spend time with Robin AND Regina. Of course, Marian’s going to have misgivings about this and feel resentful and upset and worried, and Emma knows how hard it is to accept that, hell, she feels the same way too still, so them bonding over that JUST MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. Plus, we’ve already seen Marian’s forgiving and goodhearted nature; she’d want to be able to move past that, as Emma has been trying to for Henry’s sake since S1. 

FATED BY FAIRY DUST hello newest version of ‘arranged marriage’

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Does anybody else seriously consider not watching the next season of OUAT because:

  • you love Regina most of all and want her to be happy BUT
  • you also can’t stand the thought of the iconic, legendary Robin/Marian OTP not ending up together


Regina has a long way to go. Marian as a character deserves more than death so her legendary partner can be the gift wrapped ‘happy ending’ for Regina who hasn’t even made a quarter of the way to being fully redeemed.

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I don’t think that Robin and Marian were ever a perfect happy couple. Why? Because OUAT is never that simple. Some people argue that they mussed have been very in love for Robin to risk his life for Marian by stealing from the dark one, but we don’t know the whole story. I bet there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye!”

They were pretty damn perfect together if he was willing to steal FROM THE DARK ONE and risk losing his life to save her.

I’m going to be so pissed if they turn Marian into a “bad wife/mother” to justify Robin and Regina getting together. 

Oh you know they probably will to please The Wooby Queen’s fans. As we all know, Regina can kill thousands, abuse her own child and rape a man for thirty something years and still be the ‘victim’ and ‘the purest thing on the show!” 

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Erm, three of those are wrong.

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I really want S4 to start with Marian bringing up the near-execution and Regina stating she pardoned the prisoners because she had “won” against Snow OR Robin remarking that he knows she was in the dungeons, because he had gone to save her but found her gone with no execution but Snow’s taking place. Just to get the OQ and Regina angst out of the way ;)”

Wake up and smell the roses about your favorite, OP. Regina wouldn’t have pardoned anyone. Even if she won and Snow really did die. If anything, once she found out that Snow tricked her, her anger would have been placed towards the prisoners tenfold. Please take off the glasses that has you only seeing the woobified version of Regina. She wasn’t just a bad person then. She was an evil person. She did evil things to good people. No, if it hadn’t been for Emma saving Marian, Marian would have still died at Regina’s command. 

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Fanart by Kalisama.

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